They maintain that China Suárez is dating Nico Furtado / Entertainment Headlines

This weekend, the China Suárez was in the eye of the storm after the controversial social media post he made Wanda nara. By filtering the chats of the alleged infidelity, former Teen Angel and Mauro Icardi They had a virtual flirtation that came to light. In the cycle of The thirteen, Yanina Latorre gave more details about these separations.

They maintain that China Suárez is dating Nico Furtado

In addition to commenting on the reasons for the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, Diego Latorre’s partner revealed the main reason why the China Suárez separate of Benjamin Vicuña and assured that the third party in dispute is Nico Furtado, one of the main actors of the series The marginal.


As revealed Latorre, the romance between Suárez and Furtado was confirmed by the same actress to Vicuña. “The former Teen Angel would have cheated on the Chilean actor on several occasions” commented the panelist, after mentioning another actor that he preferred not to name, and with whom he would also have had an affair. “She told him that if you don’t like it, we split up. Now in Madrid he has met another. She is a very free girl. Angel and I know a lot about these stories » additional.

And what is more, Torre commented that the Uruguayan actor played a soccer game with Benjamin Vicuñaand with a video the China Suárez not only made fun of how bad he plays football her ex husband with Furtado, but also sent it to Mauro Icardi.

The message from China Suárez that Wanda Nara would have found for Mauro Icardi on her cell phone:

After Wanda Nara confirmed their separation, the alleged talks between the China Suarez and Mauro Icardi who would have enraged the model and businesswoman.

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“I would like to meet you at a bowling alley in a part of the world where no one knows you”, China would have said to the footballer in an exchange of talks that “Clarín” shared exclusively.

Although according to those close to the couple the messages would not have gone beyond that invitation, Wanda Nara did not forgive Icardi for the exchange and therefore ended their relationship that, for their relatives, would not be final.


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