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Thirteen companies in favor of a "more inclusive economy"

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Tribune. We are convinced that it is urgent that the economy of our country be more inclusive, that the economic and the social go hand in hand, that the social fabric rebuilds itself from the economic fabric. In short, the economy and the finances that underpin it are at the service of society.

It is to make this conviction a reality that, in addition to the measures taken by the public authorities, the economic decision-makers that we are willing to commit ourselves collectively today to provide solutions and to reinforce a social contract that must all unite. We are entering the consultation phase which will open with a collective will and two strong commitments:

1. Our companies are active in sectors of the economy that directly concern the concerns expressed by the French and the French. From 2019, each of our companies will amplify or set up, with its products and services, specific devices to help everyday those who have trouble making ends meet.

2. The inclusion of young people through apprenticeship, as well as the continuous training of employees, are the protective bases that the French and the French need in the face of the fears expressed today about the future of work. Accompanied socially, the ecological transition must also be a driver to develop new skills and trades. We are therefore committing ourselves to an unprecedented effort on these points: we will increase by 50% the number of apprentices we welcome in France, to reach 35,000 in 2020, and our collective effort to continuing education in 2019 and 2020 will be increased by more than 5 million hours compared to the previous two years.

Apprentice stonemason.
Apprentice stonemason. Florent Pottier

Dialogue with the government

We want the consultation that opens from this week to develop the practical terms of these provisions. We hope that this dialogue will be an opportunity for other companies to join us in this process, to strengthen our territorial network of employment, training and support systems for people in precarious situations. We want to engage in a concrete dialogue with the government, the local authorities and the stakeholders who wish it, on the accompanying measures likely to reinforce the effectiveness of our commitments, and thus their social impact. Finally, we believe it is essential to build, around our commitments, concrete measures integrating the experience and know-how of all stakeholders and social partners in the fields of training, but also to benefit from the support of those who, in France, have opened the field of experiments involving companies in the fight against poverty, because innovation in this area is essential.


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