This celebrity is certainly not in a Masked Singer suit

Cobbler stick with your reading, she must have thought that. Where Angela de Jong normally uses her nasty pen to tackle the most controversial television moments, RTL gave her the opportunity to show her singing talents. The reviewer of it AD told in last night Jinek that she has been approached to participate in The Masked Singer, but not for this season.

Angela seems to reveal that there is a real New Year’s Eve special The Masked Singer is in the making. “Yes, I have been asked for the version that will air on New Year’s Eve,” said Angela. Anyone who thinks they will soon recognize her as a monkey or lion will be disappointed. “I’m not going to do that, am I? No”, said a very firm Angela.

The episode of Jinek with Angela de Jong you can look back here. The Masked Singer can be seen tonight at 20:00 on RTL 4.

The candidates and their special suits are about to amaze the viewer again. Below you can already see the first images.