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This Ethereum veteran: I don’t necessarily feel safe in this space

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At a time when investors and enthusiasts are entering the crypto world en masse, not everyone seems to be satisfied with the ecosystem. Anthony Di Lorio who worked at Ethereum, recently announced his intention to leave the crypto industry. The Canadian billionaire cited personal safety concerns as the reason for the same.

According to a Bloomberg report, Di Lorio was also planning to sell his Canada-based digital asset firm Decentral Inc in fiat currency or equity in another company other than crypto. He said he has already spoken to potential investors and estimated that his startup is worth “hundreds of millions.” He had founded Decentral in 2016, which operates Jaxx Liberty, a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet with more than a million registered users.

The entrepreneur stated that after the sale, he will stop all involvement in any crypto-related projects in the future. He believed that there were significant risks to his personal safety due to his prominence in the world of cryptocurrencies. He was quoted as saying:

“He has a risk profile that I’m not very excited about. I don’t necessarily feel safe in this space. If I focused on bigger problems, I think I’d be safer. “

Di Lorio was thrown into the cryptocurrency spotlight quite early, with his involvement in the main Ethereum blockchain since its inception. He also tried his hand at different companies and served as the chief digital officer for the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2016. He had reportedly been traveling with a security team ever since, even when he was listed on the Forbes crypto-rich list. in 2018 with an estimated net worth of more than $ 1 billion.

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In recent years, the executive had been more involved in venture capital investment and start-up advice. In an attempt to diversify, he now planned to focus on philanthropic ventures. To that end, he joined Project Arrow, a company seeking to build Canada’s first zero-emission vehicle. He believed that he could do much more for the world by shifting his focus to more important issues:

“I want to branch out not to be a crypto guy, but a guy who tackles complex problems. I will incorporate crypto when necessary, but many times it is not… It is really a small percentage of what the world needs. “

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