This is the Scandinavian royal who aspires to be a TikTok star

Step aside, Pablo Urdangarin, there is someone else with blue blood who wants to succeed on TikTok. If we recently discovered the tiktoker facet of the son of Iñaki Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina, who even went viral by appearing in a video that made him a true teen idol, it seems that now competition has arisen. From the north of Europe, specifically from the Norwegian royal family, comes a royal influencer: Leah Behn. Although she is still far from the highest paid tiktokers in the world, the glamorous 16-year-old granddaughter of King Harald of Norway does not let the nobility of her origin stands in her way to social media [email protected] Transition queen❤️‍ #fyp #makeup inspo: @charbarker ♬ original sound – Sounds Unlike her cousins, which includes Princess Ingrid Alexandra Soon to be 18, Leah has no official role in the royal family and no title, despite being sixth in line to the throne. This means that she is free to place her daily life in the digital showcase. Thus, the daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway and Ari Behn, who committed suicide on Christmas Day 2019, often shares videos of her lifestyle on the favorite platform of the youngest, where it already exceeds 120,000 followers. Her mother has also appeared in her posts, dancing with her in a Christmas jumper during the last few holidays, a video that the influencer titled ‘cute mom’. When she is not dancing with her mother, she is dedicated to her main interest, the videos in which she provides fashion and beauty tips. Something that he also does from his Instagram account, where he has more than 70,000 fans. Proof of her career on the networks is on the rise is that she won the award for the best beauty influencer of the year at the Vixen Awards in Norway, after having debuted on the red carpet at the event organized by none other than Kylie Jenner for Kylie Cosmetics earlier that year. Recently, she shared her nightly skincare routine with her followers, as well as a makeup transformation from Natalie Portman’s famous character in the award-winning film ‘Black Swan.’ In another, he lip-synchronizes a monologue by Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ while putting on makeup, and in another he emulates the Grinch himself. Multifaceted and multiplatform, she also makes vlogs for her thousands of followers on YouTube, and in one of her latest videos she reveals that she spent Christmas in Los Angeles, where her mother’s boyfriend, Hollywood shaman Shaman Durek, lives. 16 is the median of Princess Martha’s three daughters with Ari Behn, which also includes 18-year-old Maud and 13-year-old Emma. When the couple married in 2002, Behn declined the possibility of having a royal title, something the couple also decided on for their children. They separated in 2016, before divorcing for good in 2017.