This is what to wear at the Street Parade this year: biker shorts and a bucket hat

biker shorts and feather boas

That’s in at Street Parade, that’s out

What’s in on Saturday’s 29th Street Parade and what’s totally out among the boys? Blick explains the new trends – and tells you what’s better left in the closet.

If you still have feather boas, water pistols and neon-colored T-shirts in your closet from the last street parades, you’d better leave them lying around next Saturday. Because a completely different style is popular with young trendsetters. Women opt for black biker shorts, transparent trousers or fishnet dresses.

Loose linen shirts are trendy for men – and white or earth-toned bucket hats for everyone. In addition, sunglasses with colored lenses, sneakers and fanny packs, which are fanny packs that are worn at an angle. This is what trend scout Madeleine Kuster (25) from the Kingfluencers agency relies on. According to her, crochet dresses are also a very cool trend. “This is then often supplemented with rhinestones on the face or glitter in the hair,” she says.