This problem has no end! Sony is sued by a former employee for gender discrimination »Hero Network

The world of video games has been covered with much controversy for a few months, when the news was released that within Activision Blizzard big problems of workplace harassment occurred. This conflict was primarily focused on female employees, so it evidently drew a lot of public attention. Unfortunately, it is not the only company in which these situations occur, as it was unveiled on Monday. November 22th a claim made by Emma Majo, a exanalyst from Sony Interactive Enterteinment where he accuses the company of gender discrimination.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is the new developer in the crosshairs of legal problems

According to the lawsuit filed by this former employee of Sony Interactive Entertainment, women within the company receive lower payments than men in similar positions. In addition to flatly refusing equal pay, promotions are also denied to female employees while men are offered promotions. May ensures that it notified the developer through a signed document about these cases of abuse in 2021 and that a short time later she was unjustly fired.

As if that weren’t enough, the lawsuit filed by the former employee ensures that Sony fosters a work environment where abuse and discrimination against women is normal. He assures that the company is prejudiced against women since it is hard 6 years in the same position despite asking for a promotion several times. Sony for its part, it has not commented on the matter.

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