This was what really happened between Adamari López, Luis Fonsi and the controversy over their embryos

Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi
May 12, 2022 11:55 a.m.

When Adamari Lopez y Luis Fonsi They got married in 2006, one of their big pending was to become parents, however, they were dealing with the Puerto Rican’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Eventually they underwent treatment in hopes of having their first child, but it ended in a highly publicized controversy.

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Adamari López, Luis Fonsi and the embryos

Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi

The treatment to obtain the embryos of the gold shorty and the pop singer took place in New York City following her mastectomy. According to People en Español magazine, it all started by extracting Ada’s eggs that were fertilized in vitro with samples from her then-husband.

The eggs were frozen at a fertilization clinic in New York just before the Puerto Rican diva began her chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, as this would affect her ability to conceive later on. However, the couple faced her illness and then the divorce that made the arrival of that baby unfeasible.

on one occasion Adamari Lopez She was consulted by Carmen Dominicci for the Telemundo show “Al Rojo Vivo” and although she mentioned that she had not ruled out the possibility of using the embryos, she recognized that it was not an easy thing since each one had taken different paths. Since then, none of the celebrities openly said what the fate of the embryos was and each had their own children: Luis Fonsi with Águeda López and she with Toni Costa.

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