This week it will get cooler every day, weather forecasters predict

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On Monday, a large mass of cold air will reach Latvia, its effect will last all week, as a result of which the temperature during the day will not rise above +18 … + 20 degrees Celsius, but at night it may fall below the +10 degree mark. Rain is often expected, and thunderstorms are possible in the second half of the week.

A variable amount of clouds are expected in the first half of the week. On Monday afternoon, precipitation is expected only in Latgale, but on Tuesday – in other places it will also rain briefly.

While the center of the weather-determining cyclone will be above Scandinavia, a slow to moderate south-westerly wind will blow, in coastal areas it will be moderately strong. On Monday in Kurzeme and northern Vidzeme the wind speed in gusts will reach 15-19 meters per second (m / s).

Monday will be not only the windiest, but also the warmest day of the next week – at night the thermometer will drop to +13 … + 18 degrees, in some places in the east it will not be colder than +20 degrees, but during the day the air will still warm to +17 … + 21 degrees .

At night, on Tuesday, a colder air mass will gradually enter Latvia, and in the future the weather will be colder, during the day the thermometer bar will not climb above the +15 … + 20 degree mark. Even at night, the temperature will remain even – in the range of +10 … + 15 degrees.

In the middle of the week, the amount of clouds will increase and the sun will shine less often between the clouds. On Wednesday, a wider precipitation zone will reach Latvia – rain is expected in most of the territory. A slow to moderate southerly wind will blow, but at night on Thursday, as atmospheric pressure rises, the wind will subside and at the end of the week the wind will remain slow in the changing direction, but it will still rain from time to time.

According to current forecasts, a thunderstorm is possible on Friday, but over the weekend a large area of ​​precipitation will cross the east of Latvia. The night on Saturday may be the coldest, with the thermometer bar dropping to +9 … + 13 degrees, but during the day the air temperature will not be higher than +15 … + 20 degrees, the LEGMC forecasts.

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