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Thomas Porcher: "This Atlas of Inequalities should serve as an electroshock for our leaders"

You returned in February to Jacques-Brel high school in La Courneuve, where you attended your schooling. What is your view of this territory?

Thomas Porcher Today, he is very mobilized against the Blanquer law. He has gone on strike against the current reforms because he is likely to lose resources and to have evening studies cut off, while poverty and dropout are stronger than elsewhere. The situation is likely to deteriorate very strongly for these young people, with a liberal policy that methodically reduces public services and withdraws the resources in education which is the best guarantee to enforce the motto "freedom, equality, fraternity". When you are young and growing up in the suburbs, you do not realize that there can be such a big difference in wealth. The statistics released today reveal even greater inequalities than I could imagine, especially the share of young people growing up in poor families. This reality, the young people of La Courneuve live it everyday. When I met at Jacques-Brel high school, I felt a form of anxiety from students who feel that the state is removing all their safety nets. The state willingly looses the most fragile, as shown in this Atlas of territorial inequalities. Let's hope this report serves as an electroshock in the minds of our leaders.

"It takes young French people who want to be billionaires," said Emmanuel Macron before being elected …

Thomas Porcher Macron, as a good liberal, disengages the state from these neighborhoods and offers gifts to the richest. He can not admit it, so he has to tell a story: he tells young people that success depends on them. If you are unemployed, it's your fault, it's because you did not cross the street. In doing so, it denies the impacts of its economic policy on unemployment and the success of individuals. He can go to play football in Sarcelles, to look nice. Following its passage at the Ministry of Economy, there was a decrease of 13 billion endowments to communities that aggravates territorial discrimination. Emmanuel Macron builds a society increasingly cut, dual, dichotomous, with on the one hand people who will get along very well because they will have all means, who will pay less taxes, who will live in the centers cities and, on the other hand, people who will live in the suburbs, with fewer public services, and destined to become the basic workforce of the first, their Uber drivers … For the poorest 10%, it's a catastrophe.

Gilles Poux demands $ 10 billion for priority neighborhoods. What do you think ?

Thomas Porcher This is not much, compared to the 20 billion tax cuts offered to the richest 1%, via the elimination of the ISF on financial capital, the flat tax or the reduction of taxes on dividends. Ten billion is four times less than the 40 billion Cice and the competitiveness pact. This is not money that we put in a black hole: it finances public services allowing the French to live better, to be healthier, and it also finances education, youth … C is an investment. In La Courneuve, residents do not have a second choice in the private sector. Public service is their only heritage.


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