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Three dangerous types of flu will come to Ukraine

Strain Singapore will prevail in the epidemiological picture of this season.

This winter in Ukraine there will be three strains of the influenza virus, which are dangerous for children and people of old age. This is stated in the material Apostrophe.
According to the Department of Health, these are two type A strains: H1N1 Michigan, Singapore H3N2, and one Colorado type B strain. The most dangerous of them doctors call the strain of the virus Singapore.
“It has high variability and often causes complications, first of all, severe pneumonia in children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with chronic diseases,” explains infectious diseases physician, managing partner of Healthportal, Andrei Osadchy.
It clarifies that Singapore will prevail in the epidemiological picture of this season. Two other strains – Michigan and Colorado – will be less common in Ukraine, but also are capable of causing significant harm to health. “Singapore in the United States last year caused an intense rise in the incidence and a large number of deaths among the elderly. It is dangerous for its complications, especially for the elderly with chronic pathologies.
In the first place among complications is pneumonia, plus in chronic patients it causes complications of its diseases, ”said Alla Mironenko, head of the department of respiratory and other viral infections at the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the National Academy of Medical Sciences.
At the same time, two other strains of influenza should also not be discounted. “Michigan is a type of swine flu, characterized by a severe course and affects primarily the active part of the population aged 25-50 years, is very dangerous for pregnant women and children,” notes Andrei Osadchy. According to Alla Mironenko, Michigan is no longer new to Ukraine.
“Michigan already partially circulated in the previous season. Unless small children who have never encountered this subtype of the virus may suffer, but they will not get sick en masse, ”she adds.
A strain of the Colorado virus is dangerous complications and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, lungs. “But last year's influenza pathogen belonged to the Victorian genetic branch, it also includes Colorado. Another thing is that it has changed somewhat genetically, however, we do not expect that this year we will again have the causative agent of the Victorian branch.
There may be individual cases, but it certainly will not prevail, “- summed up Alla Mironenko. .


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