Three Innerrhoden groups in the third main round

In the second main round of the Swiss group championship, both groups that started for Appenzell Innerrhoden, Gonten Inf. SV 1 and Clanx SG 1, were able to assert themselves on field A. The Gontner shooters showed a strong performance and achieved victory in their combination with a very good 974 points. It is the third-highest result of the entire second main round, as stated in the announcement. The shooters from Clanx SG were very lucky that their combination was rather weakly endowed. They achieved second place in their combination with a moderate 942 points. Since the results in the second of the three rounds of the Swiss main round tend to be a little better, it is all the better that they can still contest the third main round. Next week they will start the third main round, which is about getting into the final, which will take place in Winterthur ZH for the first time this year.

The groups from ZH Höri SV 1 achieved the highest results with 984 points, followed by ZH Oberwinterthur StS 1 with 976 points and AI Gonten Inf. SV 1 with 974 points.

Combination: Gonten Inf. SV 1, 974; GL Linthal-Auen SV 1.960; FR Treyvaux 1.953; BE Winigraben Lyss SV,933; ZH Embrach-Lufingen SV 2,920; Mueller Oliver, 197; Neff Reto, 196; Keller Alfred, 196; Loher Martin, 196; Fassler Roland, 189

Combination: ZH Oberwinterthur StS 1.976; Clanx DC 2,942; BE Bern Stadtschützen,939; AG Mooslerau FSG 1.938; SG Wittenbach 1,912; Inauen Manuel, 195; Schmid Hansmartin, 191; Broger Patrick, 191; Bacon Emil, 183; Breitenmoser Patrick, 182

Field D

In field D of the ordnance weapons, the last remaining group in our canton, Oberegg FS 1, grabbed the chance to advance to the third main round. With a group total of 682 points, they finished second in their combination. The joy of the shooters in this group is all the greater because they had already reckoned with the end of the line. Appenzell Innerrhoden is therefore still represented in field D at the Swiss group championship. For the Oberegger Schützen a progress would be a success, since their last participation in the final was several years ago.

The group of ZG Schützen Ägerital-Morgarten 1 achieved the highest result of the 150 groups in the 2nd main round with 716 points, followed by the same club ZG Schützen Ägerital-Morgarten 2 with 712 points, and ZH Oberrieden SV, GR Rothenbrunnen SV , UR Schattdorf SG, all with 709 points.

Combination: BE Rueggisberg 2,697; Oberegg FS 1,982; AG Villigen SG 1,680; ZH Schönenberg FSV,670; BE Signau height 1.659; Locher Christoph,141; Kuonen Marinus,140; Hochreutener Paul,139; Eugene Adrian,137; Klee Roman, 125

Feld E

In field E with the assault rifle 90, the shooters from Eggerstanden SV 1 and Clanx SG 1 represented the canton. With 674 points, Eggerstanden SV 1 achieved a good result, but their combination was too strong for them. They took fourth place. The shooters from Clanx SG 1 didn’t shine either with their 634 points. They finished fifth in their combination. As a result, Appenzell Innerrhoden is no longer represented in the field of army weapons in the Swiss group championship.

Combination: BE VSG Epsach,691; TG Mammern FSG 1,688; BE Trimstein-Eichi FS 1.684; Eggerstanden SV 1.674; SG Wiesen MSV 1,664; Schmid Daniel,139; Manser Susanne,139; Koller Jürg,138; Inauen Manuel,134; Sennhauser Armin, 124

Combination: BE Diemtigtal SpS 1.691; LU Willisau-Land SV 2.669; UR Attinghausen SG,659; TI Balerna La Balernitana, 650; Clanx DC 1,634; Ulman Jan,142; Dörig Oskar,128; Eagle Olaf,126; Koster Emil,124; Staedler Sven,114

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