Thunderstorms and temperature drop on the weekend, the weather until October 1st

In the next few days, attempts by high pressure to stabilize the atmosphere over much of Italy will only partially succeed. The team of the website warns that the arrival of fresh air from Northern Europe will cause the first thunderstorms to break out in the Alps on Wednesday. Precipitation in the evening will also affect some flat areas of the Triveneto while on Thursday, with the arrival of Bora winds on the upper Adriatic and Mistral winds on the rest of the sectors, they will be transported, of an irregular nature, to the Central Adriatic and to many southern provinces. With the arrival of the northern currents, temperatures will begin to drop and lose about 3-4 ° C in the North and on the central Adriatic belt. A more contained decrease will affect the South. After a short dry break between Friday and Saturday (thunderstorms only in Sicily) on Sunday an intense Atlantic perturbation will threatenly approach Italy causing a gradual worsening of the weather which will continue also in the early next week. The Scirocco will blow intensely again.


Wednesday 29. In the north: worsens in the central-eastern Alps with some thunderstorms, in the evening also in Friuli Venezia Giulia and eastern Veneto. Center: mostly sunny. In the south: a bit unstable in Ragusa and Syracuse and between Potenza and Cosentino.

Thursday 30. In the north: overcast in the northeast for Bora, more sun elsewhere. In the center: some storms over the Apennines and lower Lazio. In the south: showers or thunderstorms on Basilicata, Calabria, central-eastern Sicily and also on Cilento.

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Friday 1st October. In the north: dry and often sunny. Center: slightly or partially cloudy. In the south: unstable in Sicily with thunderstorms, less in Calabria, sunny elsewhere.