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The price of toys is close to its lowest. This is the report of the magazine What to choose, which has raised the price of 46 toys "stars" from September 1 to December 31, 2018. Its panel has sixteen commercial Internet sites, from mass distribution to e-commerce as Cdiscount or Amazon.

Balance: the price of toys is at the highest level in September, then gradually decline until November. Pricing Assistant reported in 2017 that the most interesting week was the first of December, after an average price fall of 12% for a fortnight. Then it goes up again, and even after the passage of Santa Claus.

Prices guaranteed until December 24 in some stores

But this takeoff differs from one seller to another: If Played Club, Maxi Toys or Giant Casino guarantee the same price between the catalog and the store until Christmas, other signs start to increase their prices from the mid-December, as at Cora or Hyper U. For KingJouet or La Grande Récré, it's from the beginning of the month.

But is it all the more interesting to buy at Joué Club, Maxi Toys or Géant Casino? The magazine What to choose looks at the difference in prices on the catalogs of different brands. A good half of toys display the same price, like Barbie dolls for example.

The Lego puzzles

But for Cubby the curious bear, who received the great price of the toy 2019, it will cost this Wednesday 70 euros to JouéClub, 76 to Maxi Toys, 85 to Fnac, same thing to King Toy, but 110 euros to La Grande Recre. As for Lego, the price varies from one store to another and the most competitive is not always the same for a product from the same brand to another …

Difficult, therefore, to rely on a specific brand, between those who offer a cheaper catalog price but increase their prices from 1st December. Or e-commerce sites that offer more referrals, but charge transportation fees …

This scenario is repeated every year. And if 2019 follows the rule, we can still expect that some consumers will still make purchases at the last moment.


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