07/14 08:44

The Federation of Arab Accountants and Auditors (ACAU) will organize a scientific day on Saturday under the patronage of Hisham Tawfik, Minister of Public Works Sector, Ambassador Muhammad Mohammed Al Rabee, Secretary General of the Unity Council Arab economy. Dr. Farid Fawzi, Secretary General of the Federation of Arab Accountants and Auditors said that the aim of the scientific day is to develop professional knowledge and skills, expand the use of information technology mechanisms in the accounting and auditing profession, exchange expertise and knowledge and enhance professional relations between accountants and Arab auditors to help meet the requirements of economic development. And encourage investment in the Arab world. The Secretary-General of the Union said that he participated in the work of the scientific day, about 150 leaders of finance, business, economy and management from various Arab organizations and bodies, and experts in accounting and auditing from the Arab countries, as well as the participation of the heads and representatives of the Arab organizations and professional bodies members of the Union and the President of the African Union of Accountants , And the leaders of the Central Bank of Egypt, banks and Egyptian financial institutions.


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