Toluca Will Have 500 Patrols And 3,500 Police: Raymundo Martínez Carbajal

Communication No. 225/2022


  • They present the Pie a Tierra Police in San Diego of the Cuexcontitlán Parents
  • They deliver certificates of forgiveness of the Reconciliation with Water program
  • 100 more patrols will be purchased

Toluca, State of Mexico, May 10, 2022.- Toluca will have 500 patrols and 3,500 elements at the end of this administration, announced the Municipal President of Toluca, Raymundo Martínez Carbajal, during the Presentation of the Pie a Tierra Police in San Diego de los Padres Cuexcontitlán.

During the act carried out in the Alameda Norte, the mayor explained that from this month the acquisition process of at least 10 new units per month will begin, since the shortage of vehicles that occurs worldwide affects the purchase of patrol cars, which delays delivery up to six months.

Regarding the number of police officers, he indicated that at the end of his administration, the Mexican capital must have at least 3,500 security elements to give optimal use to the patrols and, at the same time, make the corporation grow.

Martínez Carbajal emphasized that all vehicles are owned by the City Council.

Currently, 115 new units have been delivered that are part of the 399 that will gradually be distributed in the municipal territory through visits to the delegations where the Police Pie a Tierra program is presented, an initiative with which it seeks to recover trust of the people in the security corporation, as well as accompanying the daily life of the population, in order to rebuild community life.

“The denser the community work network, the better results we will have,” added the mayor.

After handing over the patrol keys to the elements and presenting the Pie a Tierra Police, the mayor also asked the population to understand the work of the police, since they put their lives at risk to safeguard their families.

Accompanied by his wife, the Honorary President of the DIF Municipal System, Dr. Viridiana Rodríguez Rico, as well as the Secretary of the City Council, Marco Antonio Sandoval González, presented certificates of remission of the Reconciliation with Water program, with which the debts to residents of the San Diego de los Padres Cuexcontitlán subdelegation, where he also explained that this program is intended to help those who need it most, in addition to regularizing the service.

He also reported that in the next four months Toluca will be illuminated with 52,000 public lighting lamps.

In his speech, the General Director of the Water and Sanitation Agency, Eduardo Hernández Pardo, said that the domestic use of water is the greatest logistical and distribution challenge; and in it lies the culture of caring for water, since pumping it to the communities means a great effort and a multi-million dollar investment.

For her part, officer Erika Shingu, incorporated into the Gender Police, thanked the municipal president for the delivery of vehicles to the General Directorate of Security and Protection, since it allows them to carry out their work more efficiently: “thank you for your openness to change,” he added.

Sub-delegate Armando García Domínguez stated that the northern zone was abandoned, but now, with these actions, it is shown that the government headed by Raymundo Martínez Carbajal will make Toluca full of life.

Members of the Cabildo, auxiliary authorities and Citizen Participation Councils were present, as well as neighbors and beneficiaries of the Reconciliation with Water program.