Tom Brady’s fortune on and off the field: How much is it?

This Wednesday Tom Brady announced his final retirement from the National Football League and after 23 years, seven Super Bowl rings and three league MVP awards, the quarterback amassed a great fortune.

According to the Sportac site, only in contracts and salaries, the player added $333 million dollars between the New England Patriots and his latest team Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Brady is considered by many to be the best player in the NFL, which is why the player’s high salaries, which at his peak earned $39.4 million for the 2021 season.

Off the field Brady has also made quite a bit of money with endorsements like Fanatics, Under Armourthe aviation company Wheels Up and the Danish brand of sunglasses Christopher Cloos. In addition, the Californian founded a company called “TB12”, which focuses on a healthy lifestyle.

By adding all these non-sports income of the now former player, Brady accumulates another $180 million more to his fortune.

Recently Fox Sports also announced that he signed a contract with Tom Brady as a commentator in the NFL, a link that will be 10 years and $375 million dollarswhich added to the previous figures the number reaches $888 million dollars, however after taxes and withholdings, Brady would have a net of $512 million dollars.

With this very high figure, the former player is among the 30 richest athletes in history, surpassing names such as Derek Jeter, Shaquille O’Neal, Roger Federer and his sports colleague Peyton Manning.

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