Toni Costa – Telemundo McAllen (40)

On Tuesday in “The house of the famous” the expulsion of Osvaldo Rios he left the house in the midst of a storm of emotions.

Some exhausted by the loss and others celebrating their triumph; some rethink their strategy and others visualize the course they will take within the house.

The strategy to nominate the neutrals is latent, but John Vidalthe first instigator of this strategy, accepted the invitation of Toni Costa to go to the suite, therefore Rafael Nieves you will not achieve your strategy this week. Many in the house have him in their sights, especially those on his own team.

which side is he on Laura Bozzo? We see her out of place while you fight them with Salvador Zerboni They continued until he couldn’t stand the indifference any longer and once again apologized for all the black days he had put him through.

The boss sent a statement so that the famous know the new voting system of the audience; soon they will enter the final stretch and we will begin to know the finalists by the positive votes that the audience gives.

So the game for $200,000 will only get fiercer. This Wednesday we will know the challenge of the week and we hope that you will recover your budget and be happier with a full belly.

Maripily Rivera gave her opinion on the strategy of Toni Costa, former partner of Adamari López, in “The House of Celebrities”. Look at the video.