Toshko Yordanov quarreled with the hosts of Nova TV: You repeat like parrots

Would you propose Orlin Alexiev for an expert government? This question of the host of “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova TV. Viktor Nikolaev angered the chairman of the General Assembly of “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov.

When did we offer it, you ask me now? When did we offer it, that we should offer it now ?, Yordanov sharply denied.

Apparently, the Bulgarian journalistic thought cannot jump over a peak and think that it is possible that there is no one behind the party to pull the strings, Yordanov commented. He still answered the host’s question that he would not be invited, but ironically asked which party or person the journalists would start associating with ITN.

I wonder who you will start associating with us if there is an election. MRF and GERB have exhausted them, you have not started with “Vazrazhdane”, he said.

Colleagues, I am joking with you extremely brazenly, because you are constantly talking nonsense about us, Yordanov justified his behavior.

You ask quite ridiculous questions. Kiro tells you these things and you repeat them like parrots, the MP said.

The hosts interrupted him because there was no time left. However, Yordanov said: We don’t have more time because you don’t like the topic. According to him, they ask questions without having evidence of them.

There is no evidence for the questions, does Delyan Peevski write them to you? By that logic, you are Peevski’s television, are you still with the money from the sale of Domuschiev ?, asks Yordanov.

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Yes, Delyan Peevski wrote me the questions, Kiril Domuschiev approved them, Viktor Nikolaev replied.