Totalcar – Magazine – French cars dominated October in Europe

The October launches didn’t really show the demand, but rather which manufacturers were able to serve their customers.

It says much more than the absolute numbers about which model performed compared to October last year. Peugeot’s 2008, which hit 18,109 cars on the market in October, was just 5.2% below last year’s performance, while Renault Clio fell 34% in second place (14,639) compared to October 2020. . The third highest numbered car was the Dacia Sandero (14,034, -8.3%) and the fourth was the Peugeot 208 (13,978, -26%).

Much of the situation is said to be VW’s best with T-Roc with 12,116 cars on the market, which was enough for 9th place, and the company’s traditional hit, the Golf, didn’t fit in the top ten. The problem, as with all manufacturers, is the lack of chips: Volkswagen’s factories are barely producing at the moment, and apparently the German company has tried to incorporate parts that have been received despite the shortage into the more profitable SUV models.

The aggregate figures for the first ten months show that the Golf is still the most popular car in Europe, with 186,444 license plates and the second Toyota Yaris, of which more than 164,000 have been sold.

It is not yet clear when the chip deficit will be alleviated, but as long as the situation does not change, the supply market will remain where sales and marketing do not provide information on what customers want, but on how many copies industry can produce in a single market. -of a car type.

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