Toyota Belta 2022 specifications announce its strength in the Arab market

The Belta 2022 is a new car that was launched during the past few days to dominate the global car market by Toyota, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Belta car caused a very big stir, as because of the wonderful capabilities that it possesses, it entered into great competition with many wonderful cars such as the new generation Toyota Yaris. This Belta car is considered at an economical price that is more than wonderful for the Saudi citizen, in addition to that it has very special capabilities, whether in terms of total use or control over the complete safety of the car.

The 2022 Belta imposes control over other cars

The Belta car has more than one category when it comes down, as it is characterized by having 2 different categories, the most prominent of these categories is the smart car known as Smart, whose price is equivalent to 65 thousand Saudi riyals, while the second category is slightly less than the category that we presented to you is the category that It’s called Active, and its price is 56 SAR. These prices are great for the capabilities of the Belta.

The Belta car is distinguished by the fact that it can run one liter every 20 kilometers, as this is very economical in fuel. This equation is a terrible distinction from the Toyota Yaris, which is of the same quality, but the price is higher, and the Belta also has the shape of a key that contains a fingerprint that enables the citizen to enter the car Once the fingerprint appears on the key and unlock the car with ease.

Learn about the most important interior masterpieces of the Belta car

The new Toyota Belta is characterized by the fact that it has great-looking and strong leather seats that help the person see a very distinctive car salon, in addition to the presence of the wonderful TV screens inside the car, which are of the highest possible quality in light of that category of Japanese Toyota, which has already been able to impose control in the car. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, this car has all the glory and distinction due to its economy in everything and on top of that fuel and its wonderful savings, in addition to the fact that it contains a more than wonderful Japanese engine to increase the price and also control it smoothly.

New Toyota Belta

Today Thursday’s update about the wonderful Toyota Belta Toyota Belta has entered into great comparisons with the other car, the Toyota Yaris sedan, and despite the price difference for the Yaris, the Belta has great roles in the same as the Toyota Yaris does, and many people admired the Japanese car that impressed everyone.