Traffic jam on the A3 – truck flings off the road

Suddenly the multi-ton truck was in a ditch: It is still unclear why the truck slipped off the motorway exit during the night, the route is closed.

Early on Friday morning, a truck skidded at the Frankfurt-Süd exit on the way from Würzburg – and had an accident. The multi-ton truck slipped off the road for reasons that are not yet clear and remained in the ditch. According to a reporter at the scene, the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. The truck loaded with pumpkins and potatoes has to be recovered with a crane.

According to “Hessenschau”, the load was reloaded onto a truck that had been requested as a replacement. The driver of the car suffered minor injuries, according to a local reporter. In the morning, traffic was already backed up for a distance of five kilometers before departure.

Because of the complicated salvage operation, the route should remain closed for several hours. The amount of damage caused is not yet clear.