Trailer Tamara Vol.2: Héloïse Martin and her ex Rayane Bensetti roommate in Paris


The trailer for Tamara’s sequel has just been unveiled. The heroine of Bd de Zidrou and Darasse will live an original adventure under the camera of Alexandre Castagnetti. Tamara Vol.2 comes out in our rooms on July 4th.

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Two years later Tamara , Heloise Martin and Rayane Bensetti resume their roles in the suite soberly titled Tamara Vol.2. In this new opus, the heroine of the comic strip Zidrou and Darasse , leave the family cocoon to live the student adventure in Paris with Sam, his best friend. Separated from Diego for 2 years and looking for an apartment, they accept a roommate with Wagner. Problem: Diego is part of the lot, and he is no longer single! For Tamara, who dreams of forgetting her little provincial life, it starts badly … And everything is complicated when she flashes on James, the perfect guy: student-photographer-model-DJ canon, star of social networks! To approach her, she will have to become popular and play in the big leagues. All this under the gaze of Diego … And as shown in the trailer unveiled today, Tamara will become an influencer thanks to his Instagram account.
Tamara 2: the sequel is confirmed with Rayane Bensetti and Héloïse Martin [INTERVIEW EXCLUDED]

Director Alexandre Castagnetti , who had already signed the first film, told the microphone of AlloCiné, have been much freer on this second film, since it is an original story. “I had more freedom to write these new adventures, I’m still in touch with Zidrou and Darasse to discuss the scenario, and they happen to want to grow Tamara, to go to the student years. The film is quite free: these are not adventures we’ve seen in the comics, but here and there are details that will recall characters from the comic post-Tamara 1. Because the Tamara movie was inspired by albums that were two or three years old, and Tamara’s latest albums were already after Tamara 1. But it will be an original adventure that nobody has read yet. ” On the casting side, Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti find Sylvie Testud , Jimmy Labeeu , Blanche Gardin and welcome new faces: Idrissa Hanrot (Five) Manon Azem (Gangsterdam) and Noémie Chicheportiche (Clem).
Tamara Vol. 2 will be released in our rooms on July 4th.


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