Training. 426 teachers teach at Basel schools without a diploma.

Increasing numbers of teachers are teaching in Basel-Stadt who do not yet have the diploma for the relevant level. (icon picture)


426 teachers are teaching in the current school year without a formally recognized teaching diploma. In recent years, the number of teachers in Basel-Stadt without a relevant qualification has increased slightly, as the Basel government announced in an interpellation on Friday.

The proportion is greatest at the Basel secondary schools. A total of 150 people (21 percent) there do not have a teaching diploma. At primary level, this is the case for 156 teachers (12 percent). 33 people (8 percent) work in the kindergartens without a diploma, at secondary level II there are 87 teachers (7 percent).

A large part of this is made up of students and teachers in further education who are on the way to obtaining a diploma, as the Basel government council went on to write. Teachers without a level-appropriate diploma are only employed on a fixed-term basis with a one-year employment contract. However, teachers with class responsibility are always fully trained and have a diploma for the corresponding level, as the letter further states.

French teachers wanted

According to the government, it is difficult to find trained teachers for French and mathematics at secondary level I. At primary level, filling vacancies in French is also difficult. According to the response to the interpellation, speech therapists and specialists in curative education are also being sought. In addition, there are too few jumpers available.

At the grammar schools and at the technical baccalaureate school, there is a lack of French teachers as well as physics and computer science teachers, as the government wrote. The reasons for this are the falling number of students in these disciplines across Switzerland. At the vocational schools there is a lack of lecturers for practical studies in certain professions, for example in retail and for specialist support.

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