Transfer market: Bordeaux close to removing a thorn from its foot – Girondins

The Girondins de Bordeaux are about to take the first thorn out of their feet. Indeed, a way out was found for Otavio before the end of this transfer window.

A loan for Otavio?

It is the daily Sud Ouest which reveals that Bordeaux has reached an agreement with Atletico Mineiro for its Brazilian midfielder Otavio.

While the latter is out of contract next June, and has signed a pre-contract with Atletico Mineiro to join them this summer, Bordeaux has reached an agreement to loan Otavio from January to the club. Brazilian.

If this happens, it’s great news for the Bordeaux transfer window, which will be relieved of Otavio’s salary until the end of his contract next June.

Thus, Bordeaux could consider recruiting a midfielder before the closing Monday evening at midnight.

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