Transjakarta Passengers Queue for Hours Due to the “Tap In-Tap Out” Policy All

JAKARTA, – Bella Depari, one of the workers in the Mega Kuningan area, Jakarta, shared her story of waiting for hours to get on the Transjakarta bus on Tuesday (4/10/2022).

This happened because there was a new policy that required every Transjakarta user to have an electronic money card.

At that time, Bella went to the office in the morning using Transjakarta.

Arriving at the Garuda Taman Mini Bus Stop at around 06.48 WIB, he was greeted with a queue of passengers snaking through the impact of the new policy.

Bella admitted that she was not aware of the one-card-one-passenger system.

“I was surprised why people lined up outside. Yes, I still joined because it was still at 06.48 WIB. It turned out to be mandatory tap in and one person can’t get two more cards as usual,” Bella said to, Wednesday (5/10/2022).

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After waiting in line for a while, Bella finally got on the bus and continued her journey to the Gatot Subroto bus stop.

Then, when I was about to leave the bus stop, there was a long line again.

Transjakarta officers at that time allowed passengers to leave without having to tap out first.

Because it does not tap out in the morning, Bella’s card was blocked.

This made it difficult for him on his way home from work.

Bella had arrived at the Kuningan Timur Bus Stop at around 17.30, but was only able to take the Transjakarta bus at 19.30 WIB because she had to queue for a long time and take care of a blocked card.

“Again the line because you still have to tap in-tap out because there are passengers going up and down. Then the busway stop is very full,” said Bella.

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While taking care of her blocked card, Bella intends to debate why the balance on her card has been cut three times.

However, he canceled the intention because he was tired of the long line.

Unfortunately, the streets of Jakarta that night were jammed due to heavy rains and flooding in several locations. Riding Transjakarta does not necessarily make Bella avoid traffic jams.

The bus that took him just arrived at the Ragunan Bus Stop at 22.12 WIB.

“The Kuningan road is very congested. I don’t know what’s wrong, why it can be so congested,” he added.

Bella also regrets that there is no massive socialization by Transjakarta regarding this new system, which has caused a buildup.

“The bottom line is that the Mega Kuningan street is a tap-in, tap-out busway that doesn’t have massive socialization, the bus stops are too small, and it’s raining,” Bella explained.

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Contacted separately, PT Jak Lingko claimed to have socialized about obligations tap in and tap out at the bus stop for Jakarta Transportation (Transjakarta) passengers.

Obligation tap in and tap out At the bus stop, passengers are required to enjoy an integrated tariff service of Rp. 10,000.

President Director of PT JakLingko Kamaluddin said the socialization had been carried out through social media.

“This is socialization (tap in-tap out) Actually, JakLingko’s social media has been carried out, yes,” he said to the media crew, Tuesday (4/10/2022).

Not only that, according to him, PT Jak Lingko has held a workshop with PT Transjakarta on the policy.

However, due to the accumulation of passengers on Tuesday, the staff will increase socialization regarding this obligation.

“If there are users who do not know about this transition process, in the future we will increase the socialization again (tap in-tap out),” explained Kamaluddin.

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