Trentino health care, agreement reached on renewal of contracts. Here are all the figures of the agreement: increases and arrears – Chronicle

TRENTO. “Le female workers and workers are always fundamental, especially in the healthcare sector, which in the last two and a half years has confirmed its centrality. The agreement reached today on the renewal of the contract is therefore an important result, welcomed with satisfaction by theProvincial administration that with determination has carried out and maintained this commitment “.

The provincial health councilor said it, Stefania Segnanaafter the signing of the agreement by the provincial agency for negotiating representation and trade union organizations.

By mandate of the ExecutiveLearn has put on the negotiating table an overall proposal for the renewal of the economic part for the three-year contractual period 2019/2021, concerning both the economic awards already provided with a certain funding on the provincial budget, and some assumptions of commitment that guarantee an overall framework of resources to be assigned to the staff of the Healthcare Company. “These are truly significant resources, also in light of a general economic and financial situation that is not easy to predict in its future evolution”, observes the commissioner Segnana.

The contractual commitments will in fact entail for the sole Health sector – category area – the following additional expenditure on the provincial budget:

for the years 2019 to 2021

  • 15.6 million euros for arrears (three-year period 2019-2021);
  • 5.3 million for the aforementioned indemnities to social / health personnel (starting from January 1, 2021);

starting from the year 2022

  • € 12.6 million for contractual increases of 5%;
  • 1.3 million for the contractual holiday allowance referring to the contractual three-year period 2022/2024;
  • 5.3 million for the aforementioned indemnities to social / health personnel;
  • Approximately 6 million for the granting of an additional economic bracket to personnel.

The contractual agreement foresees these results: increase in salaries of about 5% starting from January 1, 2022; further increase in salaries from July 2022 (+ 0.5%). Acknowledgments for which the Provincial Government has undertaken a commitment to a loan in the financial maneuver for settling the 2022 budget; one-off arrears for the three-year period 2019/2021; assignment of an additional economic band starting from January 1, 2022 to all Company personnel with at least five years of seniority; recognition to social / healthcare personnel of the same indemnity currently being defined in the national contract and with the same dates (specific nursing indemnity, indemnity for the protection of the sick, indemnity for first aid).

Instead, the discussion on the so-called “Covid prize” continues at the table towards health and social health personnel with a variable one-off sum due to the commitment made in the last fifteen months of managing the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 with the commitment to widen the audience of beneficiaries also to ambulance drivers.

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