No assets. Which, according to the minister of economy of the yellow-green government, would be "suicidal action". Giovanni Tria, in the hearing on the committees of the House and Senate meeting on the maneuver, would have expressed his opinion against the tax. "A minister of economics, "he said," can not begin to say 'one intervenes with this or another instrument' because it would create panic"As for the balance sheet, in fact.

"It is obvious that I will not make any assets to correct the progress of public accounts. We are not in Greek situations", assured the economist, for the minister to think as he would be many.

The head of the economy has made it known that of "adjustments on the expense side can be made many and more punctually and do not involve such excessive emergency elements"And on a possible banking crisis, he explained that he did not see it"for tomorrow", why "there are no conditions"Tria also confirmed that"Any action will be made according to European rules".


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