U old friend has urged on Thursday the mother of Fiona and her ex-boyfriend, tried before the assizes of the Haute-Loire, to “tell the truth” on the death of the little girl, causing, for the first time, an altercation between the two accused.

“If do you really love your daughter, tell where it is ! Tell the truth !”, has launched the mother of four children to the attention of Cécile Bud. Interviewed by videoconference, this ex-neighbor had just alluded, between two bouts of crying, a conversation with the accused which would have treated his own daughter “clocharde”.

Reaction upset of the accused : “I have never said that ! She was well-dressed ; I loved him with all my heart. This was not in the proper sense, but figuratively. My mother also she told me that !” reacts violently Cécile Bud, accusing his former girlfriend of being “manipulated”. “For me, her daughter, she does not like it. This is not a mom. She wants to have children, it kills me. Five years in prison, this is not a small price to pay,” retorted the witness, in reference to the sentence received by Cécile Bud in the first instance.

“Tell what happened”

later, it is in Berkane Makhlouf, the ex-companion of Cécile Bud, that it address. “Kader (other name worn by the accused, editor’s note), it is the opportunity to speak. Say what happened ! Why do you not say where is ta +pépette+ (…) Listen Kader, if you have nothing to reproach yourself, if you haven’t done anything, tell the truth ! Wake up ! You’re no longer with her. Say things,” implores it for long minutes.

“Kader, Kader, this is not an accident. You know very well what happened that night. You do not owe him anything. You don’t have to defend it. This is the last trial…” continues the witness, without ceasing his logorrhée.

Then, addressing the accused of anger and cold : “You have killed all the two. You have failed to respect. You have it buried like a dog. You don’t respect anyone !”. This long interlude, ends up causing an altercation between the accused. “One is responsible for his death but we are not criminals. I said all I knew”, tirelessly repeated Berkane Makhlouf.

And Cécile Bud to threaten : “If you want to play, we’ll play, okay ! You can look in a mirror ? it astonish me ! I have a clear conscience, not you. Attention !”

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