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The mushrooming of various coffee shop contemporary thematics in various regions, successfully spawned a new trend among young people, namely cafe hopping. No just an occasion hang out or work from anywhere, cafe hopping also be one of the reasons to make cool photos and videos in each spot which we visited.

The goal, of course page TikTok as well feed Our Instagram looks more attractive. When it’s busy cafe hopping, there are some tricks we can do to make our photos more aesthetic and inviting likes from the public, including:

1. Explore various features

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Moment cafe hoppingthere are various content ideas that we can create, starting from OOTD photos in funny spots, photos of food with plating interesting, to record the ambience very moody at the cafe or the one we go to. Hence, we need smartphone with a capable camera so that every photo and video taken has maximum quality.

We can also maximize the various existing lenses to create various types of content. Starting from, the lens ultra wide for photos spot cute as a whole, depth lenses for OOTD photos with modern bokeh effects, to macro lenses for more tantalizing food photos.

Currently, a lot smartphone which has been equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for brighter and more detailed photos and videos smooth stable even in low light conditions. So, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night, you can create stunning content for as long as you like cafe hopping.

2. Take advantage of features object eraser

Contemporary cafes or coffee shop thematic areas are generally crowded with young people who have culinary hobbies at the same time here, because it has more than one funny photo spot. It’s so busy, sometimes there are objects that are photographed and disturb the results of our photos.

If you have this, we can use features object eraser. One of the devices that have this feature is the Samsung Galaxy A33, A53, and A73 5G. This feature is here to remove unwanted objects around you.

Doc Samsung Indonesia
Doc Samsung Indonesia

Like strangers that you want to remove from your photos, or glasses that might look untidy. How to use this feature:

• Select the photo you want to edit, then click the pencil icon

• Click the 3 dots in the lower right corner

• Select ‘Object Eraser’ or ‘Object Eraser’

• Delete the object you want, if so, click ‘Done’ or ‘Finish

• Photos are now ready to be showcased on social media.

good luck

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