World Trump authorized the murder of Suleimani in June

Trump authorized the murder of Suleimani in June


Nawres Waleed Hamid never thought that Donald Trump cared so much about his life as to provoke a war with Iran, but that is the explanation that has spread after learning that the president approved the assassination of General Qasem Suleimani seven months ago.

It happened at the end of June, almost three months after John Bolton replaced General H.R. McMaster at the head of the National Security Council. When the last of the generals left the White House, the 'hawks' targeted Iran. As Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control, Bolton was instrumental in implementing the invasion of Iraq with the excuse of weapons of mass destruction. Far from understanding that mistake, in 2015 he returned to the attack with an opinion piece with which he tried to convince the Barack Obama Government that "To stop the bomb in Iran, you have to bomb Iran," he said. But it was not so easy for a republican 'hawk' to reach the ears of Obama or the pages of 'The New York Times'. Yes he could sneak into Trump's rooms through Fox.

Iranian police order "moderation"

Once installed in the West Wing, the demolition of an American drone in international waters brought the first opportunity to defend, together with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that Iran had to be stopped by bombing. Trump resisted. He wasn't kidding when he said it was he who had to temper Bolton's warlike spirits. He ended up signing the order to execute the General of the Revolutionary Guard with an activation clause: if an American died, he would kill Suleimani, NBC published Monday. And yet, only he would have the last word.

On December 27, Hezbollah militias crossed that red line by attacking a US base near Kirkuk in which the 33-year-old Iraqi translator, nationalized in 2011, died. The Pentagon furiously counterattacked the militia camps, leaving 25 dead and half a hundred injured. That massacre sparked protests against the US Embassy in Baghdad. The video that Colonel Myles Caggin tweeted about the protesters climbing the walls of the diplomatic legation under the light beam of an Apache helicopter was recorded in Trump's memory. But also the words of Bolton, who having been fired in September can testify against him during the impeachment trial. For some, Suleimani's head would aim to appease his spirits and regain his loyalty. For others, it was a matter of time before Trump chose the most extreme option from among the Pentagon since June whenever there is a crisis with Iran.


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