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Trump calls Macron's proposal of a European army "insulting"

US President Donald Trump called Emmanuel macrons Idea to form a European army Twitter a "offensive push", Subsequently, Trump again called on Europe to spend more money for NATO.

The US President had landed in Paris on the eve of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the end of the fighting in World War I and railed against Macron before the actual meeting via Twitter. The French President said at the beginning of the week in an interview with radio station Europe 1,
the creation of a "true European army" makes the region more independent and less
depending on the US. The suggestion to think about a military of their own stood out Trump now as offensive. In his view, Europe should first pay for its share of NATO. The US president has repeatedly accused the EU member states of not spending enough on the military alliance. Of countries such as France and Germany, Trump has long been calling for a significant increase in its defense spending.

Macron will meet his US counterpart in the Élysée Palace in person this morning Paris receive. The two heads of state want to first discuss European security issues, Syria and Iran. Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton said in Paris that the United States was worried about Europe's stability and that Trump did not shy away from global commitments. "I think the ongoing teaching (of the First World War) is for the United States, that one has to protect interests worldwide in the development of a world power." Great leaders of the world would be driven by national interests.

Together with Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Macron will be in the afternoon of the end of the First World War remember. They drive to the vicinity of the northern French city Compiègne, where on 11 November 1918 on a forest clearing the truce had been signed. On Sunday, the great commemoration will take place at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The event will be attended by 60 heads of state and government in the French
 Capital expected.

Count Lambsdoff calls for joint initiatives

The FDP foreign politician Alexander Graf Lambsdorff called for the anniversary of the end of the war, new impetus for the German-French partnership. 100 years after the war, "it is not enough to commemorate this European and especially Franco-German catastrophe", said Lambsdorff of the German Press Agency.

"It is clear: Germany must now finally seize the outstretched hand of the French President for a reform of Europe and take up the proposals of Emmanuel Macron," said the FDP faction vice in the Bundestag on. "We need a European foreign policy with a Defense Union, effective management of migration and external borders, joint initiatives for climate protection and consistent commitment to free trade." Berlin and Paris would have to take the lead in these fields.



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