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Washington After the acquittal of US President Donald Trump in impeachment proceedings against him, the Democrats and the White House fight for sovereignty of interpretation. Trump had a one-hour speech at the White House on Thursday when he commented on the outcome of the impeachment. “It’s a festival,” he said to supporters, cabinet members, high-ranking Republicans, and his defense team. From the Democrats’ perspective, Trump’s acquittal, on the other hand, is worthless.

“We went through hell, unfairly, (we) didn’t go wrong,” Trump said. The action against him was a “shame”. “It was evil, it was corrupt,” said Trump. He spoke of a “wrong, lazy deal from some bad and sick people”.

The U.S. Senate, in which Trumps Republicans hold the majority, cleared the president of all charges in the impeachment process on Wednesday. After months of investigations and an almost three-week trial in the Senate, the impeachment process is over. The dispute between the political camps continues unabated.

The President had already shown himself in a good mood on Thursday morning at the traditional National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. There, too, he made serious accusations to the Democrats about the impeachment procedure.

Some “very dishonest and corrupt people” would have caused him, his family, and the country severe torture, Trump said. He complained, “They did everything possible to destroy us.” They would have harmed the nation. Courageous Republicans have stood in the way of this.

In his speech, Trump placed a swipe at the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who also participated in the interreligious event. He disliked people who used their beliefs to justify wrong things. He didn’t like people who said they prayed for you – if it was clear that they didn’t.

The democrat later called Trump’s comments inappropriate. “He can really use our prayers,” she said. “He can say what he wants – I pray for him.” Pelosi pushed after: “He speaks of things he knows little about: belief and prayers.”

Pelosi had linked her criticism of him several times in the past few months with the words that she prayed for the President. Trump had previously complained about this and wrote on Twitter in December: “I don’t believe her, not a bit.”

Nancy Pelosi tears Trump’s speech manuscript in front of cameras

Pelosi once again defended her provocative behavior in addressing the President about the state of the nation. On Tuesday evening (local time) after Trump’s speech, she had demonstratively torn the pages of his manuscript and made it public. The White House and Trumps had condemned this, while Democrats praised Pelosi’s action.

“I tore up a manifesto of falsehoods,” Pelosi said again in Washington on Thursday. It was necessary to make the Americans aware that all of this was incorrect. “That was perfectly appropriate,” she said, looking at her behavior. Nor did she need any instruction about dignity, especially not from Trump.

Ukraine affair results in charges

It was also Pelosi who pushed the impeachment proceedings against Trump. The US House of Representatives had finally indicted Trump with the majority of Democrats for abuse of power and interference with the Congressional investigation. Trump was the third president to face impeachment in the Senate.

The background is the Ukraine affair: Trump is said to have pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj into investigations against his democratic rival Joe Biden in order to influence the 2020 US presidential election in his favor.

The Democrats see it as proven that Trump has made the release of military aid to Kiev and a meeting with Selenskyj in the White House dependent on the announcement of such an investigation. When that came out, Trump had done everything possible to block the House investigation. Trump has always rejected the allegations.

The White House sees Trump now completely relieved by the acquittal in the Senate. “As we have said all along, he is not guilty,” said Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

Pelosi, however, said in a written statement that there was no real trial with witnesses in the Senate. Therefore the acquittal is of no value. The fact that the Republicans in the Senate prevented a fair trial made them accomplices of Trump’s cover-up. Trump continues to be a “threat to America’s democracy”.

Condemned as a “witch hunt”

Trump has repeatedly condemned the trial against him as a “witch hunt”. He accuses the Democrats of wanting to undo the 2016 election result.

In the end, however, the results of the months-long investigation also convinced a Republican. Senator Mitt Romney voted in the Senate – as the only Republican – to impeach Trump for impeachment. “It’s the hardest decision of my life,” he said. Trump is guilty of “horrific abuse of public trust”.

Trump took a sharp look at him on Twitter. The president released an agent-style video accusing Romney of undercover mission for the Democrats.

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