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Trump will divert 7.2 billion from the Pentagon to the wall with Mexico, according to "The Washington Post"





The president of the USA, Donald Trump, plans to divert another 7.2 billion dollars from the Pentagon budget for the construction of the wall with Mexico, the newspaper "The Washington Post" (WP) reported today, which accessed internal documents on those plans.

These new funds will allow the Executive to build some 1,400 kilometers of wall for the border between Mexico and the US, which measures about 3,170 kilometers, said the capital's newspaper.

Trump has already used on other occasions the funds of the Pentagon destined to infrastructures and the fight against drug trafficking to build its wall, one of the star promises that raised it to power in 2016 and in which it has insisted in the face of this year's presidential elections. In total, the president has diverted 18.4 billion dollars to the border barrier.

In December, the US Congress approved a budget package of 1.4 trillion dollars that included a 1.375 million item for the wall, the same figure that Congress passed in 2018 defying Trump, which forced the longest administrative closure in history.

Finally, after 35 days of closure, the president agreed to reopen the Government but declared a national emergency with which he reallocated for the wall about 6.6 billion dollars from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department, which gave way to various litigation.

At the judicial level, the lawsuits are still active and, just a month ago, a court in Step (Texas) ruled that the White House had violated the law by using Pentagon funds for the wall. As a result, that court froze $ 3.6 billion that the Executive had appropriated for the border barrier.

Trump is facing difficulties to finance the wall because, in the US, Congress is the one that decides on the budget and, currently, that branch of the State is divided: Republicans dominate the Senate, while the Democratic opposition He has a majority in the House of Representatives.

Democrats oppose the construction of the wall and have put a lot of pressure on the Legislature so that Trump cannot build it.

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