Trusting My Instincts: Jessica Thivenin’s Decision to Change Her Child’s Diet

If it is important not to do anything, and conversely to always listen carefully to the advice of doctors concerning the health of your children, there are also times when it is important to trust yourself. as a mother. Moreover, good pediatricians will tell you: you are the person who knows your child best and you are therefore the person best able to spot what is wrong, a change in behavior, that little something that only you can detect, because you know your little blond head by heart. Since the birth of Maylone, Jessica Thivenin had to rely on doctors many times when faced with her son’s serious health problems. But it also happened several times where the mother of the family could only count on her to bring Maylone back to life. Twice, she had to resuscitate him while waiting to be able to take him to the emergency room. Also, suspecting that something was wrong with her little Lewane, Jessica Thivenin listened to her instincts.

Jessica Thivenin’s daughter intolerant to cow’s milk?

On Snapchat, the former Marseillais candidate explains that she made the decision to remove cow’s milk from her 1-year-old daughter’s diet. “I am sure and certain that my daughter is intolerant. I told the pediatrician, we changed doctors, I told the other three pediatricians but they said she was going…

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2023-06-09 18:37:31

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