TV CAR NEWS TESTED: Honda HR-V to please BMW M Sport fans (+ VIDEO)

The small class crossover no longer looks small. The Honda HR-V has grown. The greatest growth can be seen in the variety of comfort and electronic assistants, and, like other European Honda, has become a hybrid.

It is clear from the orange wires that it is a hybrid. They have not lied at least about the fact that the electrical part is bigger and more important than before. Although the traction is only the front wheels, there are two electric motors here. e: The HEV system with less power is known to us from the minivan Honda Jazz, only here the total power is 131 hp. Normunds Avotiņš: “We jokingly decided that the fans of the BMW M Sport would like the new HR-V. For unknown reasons, there are 3 stripes in the grille for one set, white red and blue.” Watch more in the TV Auto news story.

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