Joe Mauer announced that he retired on Friday and wrote that he left baseball after 15 seasons with the Minnesota Twins with a "full and thankful heart".

Mauer made his decision in a lengthy letter to the fans that the Twins put online. According to, the Twins are scheduled to hold a press conference on Monday.

"The decision was due to my health and my family," Mauer wrote in the letter. "The risk of concussion is always there, and I've been reminded this season … of the concussion that I've experienced [in the 2013] The season has changed my life not only professionally with a change to the first base, but also personally. "

Going through a concussion may be different for everyone, Mauer wrote, but his "personal experience" made him "look beyond baseball, which is best for me as a husband and dad."

"I'm going to have a father of three and I'm thinking more and more about my future health and how it affects my family than I did years ago," he wrote. "People have always told me how things change when you become a parent and that you are right."

Mauer, a six-time All-Star and Minnesota American who spent his entire career working with the Twins, thanked the team and his fans for making his career "so special and memorable."

"Because of you, I can leave the game that I love with a full and thankful heart," he wrote.

The 35-year wall was added to the American League MVP in 2009 when he was Minnesota's catcher. He won three titles and three Gold Glove Awards.

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