Twitter artists celebrated Maids Day — Kudasai

Japan has a day for everything, thanks to a combination of months and days that, when pronounced together with a variety of readings in Japanese, Chinese, and English, create words that sound similar to a series of well-known products, events, or activities. . That’s the story of honey dayo Hachimitsu Dayon August 3 (8 = hachi 3 = mitsu); the Gomi Zero Day on May 30 (No Litter Day [5=go 3=mi 0=zero]); and even the “onani”, masturbation day on July 10 (0 = o 7 = na 2 = ni 1 = i).

May 10 is also a special day, with the alternate reading of 10, “do“, creating the word”May-do“, which makes it the perfect day to commemorate Japanese maid culture. Fans and maids alike had fun celebrating the day on Twitter with the hashtag #Maid DayMaid no Hi” o “maids day“, and we have chosen some of the best to share with you!