Twitter stepped on Anonymous

The hackers, who have hundreds of different Twitter accounts, reported the blockade on Saturday.

“Our anonymous brother was blocked by Twitter. “Twitter is starting to censor Anonymous accounts, while keeping the accounts of those responsible for lives lost, including innocent children who have been barbarically massacred by Putin’s killing machine,” the hackers said in one of their other accounts.

The hackers reported the block on one of their other Twitter accounts.

At the same time, they found that Twitter did not take action against the official website of the Kremlin and other Twitter accounts that downplay the invasion of Ukraine. “That’s enough, stop censorship!” The hackers added.

Although Moscow officially blocked Twitter – like other social networks – throughout Russia on March 4. However, tweets from March 15 can still be found on the official website of the Kremlin.

On March 15, despite a ban on Twitter, the Kremlin reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had telephoned European Council President Charles Michel.

The hackers declared war on Russia

At the end of February, the Anonymous movement declared a cyber war on Russia, so the hackers responded to the invasion of the armed forces in Ukraine. After the first week, they managed to attack 2,500 Russian and Belarusian targets.

According to ABC News, the websites of the Kremlin, the Russian government and the websites of the Russian Ministry of Defense have also been decommissioned. This is exactly how RT’s website, formerly known as Russia Today, was repeatedly taken out of service.

Last week, hackers boasted that they also attack the computer systems of banks, hospitals, airports and various Russian companies. The websites of pro-Russian hacker groups did not escape the cyber raids of the Anonymous movement. And not only in Russia, but also in Belarus.

However, the hackers also managed to attack the computer systems of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, as the Russians allegedly lost control of the spy satellites. This was achieved by the hacker group NB65, which is affiliated with Anonymous.