Two brothers from Texas shoot migrants who were grabbing water; they killed a man and injured a woman at the border

The incident occurred on the Texas border.

John Moore / Getty Images

TEXAS – Two brothers, including one who has been a warden at a detention center that houses migrants, have been arrested in Texas after authorities they were accused of having attacked a group of migrants who were drinking water near the border with Mexico.

One of the brothers allegedly fatally shot a man and wounded a woman in the abdomen.

The shooting happened Tuesday in rural Hudspeth County about 90 miles from El Paso, according to court documents.

The injured woman was taken to a hospital in El Paso where she is still recovering, according to reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Police said the victims were among a group of migrants who were standing on the side of a road fetching water when a pickup truck stopped with two men inside and backed up. The migrants tried to hide, but one of the men in the van started shooting.

Suspects Michael Sheppard and Mark Sheppard, both in their 60s, are facing manslaughter charges.

Michael Sheppard was a warden at the West Texas Detention Facility, a center that ceased operations in October 2019.

Authorities located the suspects’ van using surveillance camera footage and descriptions of the migrants who were attacked.

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