When they inspected the person who had the truck in his possession, he presented documents associated with it that were adulterated.

The Prosecutor’s Office formalized an investigation against two menaged 42 and 21, who They tried to sell a truck through Facebook that they had ordered due to theft.

The situation was verified when both were checked by Carabineros on San Martín Avenue near the Mecano Bridge in the Los Lagos region.

Previously, an alleged victim raised suspicions after being interested in the machine that he saw published for sale on the social network.

Deputy prosecutor Carlos Silva indicated that the police They verified that the truck had a charge for theft from April 11 in the Metropolitan region.

The driver was driving with documentation, circulation permit and insurance tampered with or falsified.

The investigation period was 80 days.

The case is being investigated by the SIP Police Investigation Section of the Second Los Lagos Police Station.