Tyre.. Isbanen Preparatory Secondary School celebrates its outstanding students

Nadorsity: H.T

On Friday, March 10, 2023, Isabanen Preparatory School was organized in Nador; Starting at 3:00 pm, an educational ceremony was held in honor of the outstanding male and female students at the institution during the first semester of the academic season 2022-2023, to encourage them to excel and excel during the remainder of the season.

The ceremony was attended by the components of the school community, including the administrative and educational frameworks, representatives of the Association of Fathers, Mothers and Parents of Students, as well as the fathers and mothers of the celebrated students.

The ceremony began with clear verses from the Holy Qur’an received by the student Hossam Al-Zwain, then standing in respect and appreciation for the Moroccan national anthem, so that the audience moved to a speech by the President of the Foundation, who congratulated women on their International Day, March 8, and thanked all those who intervened and supported the Foundation in its work, activities and initiatives, then a speech To Mr. President of the Association of Fathers, Mothers and Guardians of the Students, who in turn thanked everyone in it, the administration, teachers and students, and wished everyone success in the remainder of the school year and encouraged them to work hard and strive for a promising and prosperous future.