Udayana University Chancellor Suspected of SPI Corruption, Council: Most Stained Medicine

Denpasar – The Chancellor of Udayana University (Unud) I Nyoman Gde Antara has been named a suspect in the Institutional Development Contribution (SPI) case. The Bali Regional People’s Legislative Council (DPRD) has allowed Antara to be legally processed.

Chairman of Commission IV of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of Bali Province I Gusti Putu Budiarta fully supports the steps of the Bali High Attorney’s Office (Kejati).

“It will be proven again in court. Go ahead, if it is proven, the legal process will continue,” he said when contacted detikBaliFriday (17/3/2023).

This PDI Perjuangan politician considers that the fund corruption case has harmed Unud as the largest educational institution on the Island of the Gods.

“What is most tarnished is medicine, because from the past it has become everyone’s knowledge, the Balinese people, that looking for a Faculty of Medicine at Unud requires a lot of money, including in this independent pathway,” said Budiarta.

Budiarta suggested that Unud abolish the SPI program. Even if there is still an independent pathway, it is recommended that the value of the development contribution is not too large.

“If you really have to contribute to development, how much is the ability of the student’s parents? It’s not a fair play fight. Whoever has big money, he gets that,” he explained.

As previously reported, Unud Chancellor Nyoman Gde Antara has been named a suspect by the Bali Attorney General’s Office. Between allegedly causing losses to state finances of IDR 109.33 billion and causing losses to the country’s economy IDR 334.57 billion.

However, Unud, represented by legal authority Nyoman Sandika, said he would submit a pretrial to this case.

“The pretrial is at least one day from today. We need a process of at least one week,” said Unud’s attorney, Nyoman Sandika, during a press conference at Udayana University, Thursday (16/3/2023).

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