Unemployment up 3.4% in July in Belgium

Unemployment increased on an annual basis in all Regions: 131,473 unemployed in Flanders (+4,624), 135,175 in Wallonia (+3,978) and 65,886 in Brussels (+2,416).

Wallonia had 11,493 unemployed under 25 (+538 on an annual basis), Flanders 9,941 (+1,164) and Brussels 2,675 (+142).

The majority of the unemployed over 50 were found in Flanders (51,673), followed by Wallonia (45,316) and Brussels (21,879).

Most of the long-term unemployed (2 years and more) were located in Wallonia (63,312) then in Flanders (51,322) and finally Brussels (38,074). In Brussels, more than half of the unemployed have been unemployed for two years or more.



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