Unfinished works in health centers in Cartagena: $ 23 billion to resume works in five health centers in Cartagena | Cartagena

After a rigorous planning work, the Administrative Department of Health of Cartagena, DADIS, achieved a budget allocation of $ 23 billion to resume the Unfinished works for hospitals and priority care centers in the city and its townships.

Since the beginning of 2021, DADIS carried out different management processes that made it possible to resume projects that had been suspended for years. This first phase will begin with the works that are 40% complete and that, due to abandonment, its infrastructure is in imminent risk of deterioration.

These are projects that have certification of budget availability and the progress of the work:

IPS Hospital de Canapote (47% progress, according to the audit)

IPS Hospital del Pozón (47% progress, according to the audit)

IPS Barú Health Post (40% progress, according to the audit)

IPS Daniel Lemaitre Health Center (55% progress, according to the audit)

IPS Bayunca Health Center (94% progress, according to the audit)

“This is news that Cartagena people were waiting for because it positively impacts access to health services. Thanks to the resource management work, today we can tell the public that we are fulfilling our commitment to the strengthening and adaptation of the public network of low complexity health care“, he pointed Johana Bueno, director of DADIS.

Stage 2

Stage 2 includes the projects that had progress in execution, but do not have the resources to continue them. DADIS continues to take steps to obtain resources from FONPET and be able to finish them as soon as possible.

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