United States: First robot lawyer to use AI sued for not having a law degree | DoNotPay | Artificial Intelligence | ChatGPT | America

DoNotPay, self-styled as ‘the world’s first robot lawyer’and its creator Joshua Browder are facing a class action lawsuit by a law firm in Chicago, USA. The lawyers point out that the robot, which works through artificial intelligence, does not have a university degree in Law or a permit that allows it to exercise the legal defense of someone.

Months ago, DoNotPay introduced a chatbot service —based on the technology of ChatGPT— who is capable of negotiating invoices on behalf of the applicant. After seeing the success obtained, it was announced that any lawyer who agreed to use AirPods in the supreme court would be paid one million dollars. while repeating the robot’s arguments.

After the announcement, the plaintiffs considered that there is a legal vacuum for the use of the robot with artificial intelligence. “Unfortunately, for its clients, DoNotPay is not really a robot, a lawyer, or a law firm. DoNotPay does not have a law degreeit is not prohibited in any jurisdiction and it is not supervised by any lawyer”, they stated.

In his defense, the creator of DoNotPay, Joshua Browder, reported on their social networks that they do not fear the consequences of the lawsuit or a possible trial. We have the receipts. We have nothing to hide and we will defend ourselves.. We can even use our robot lawyer in the case,” she assured.