Unpublished figures of health in rural areas

On the occasion of the Congress of Rural Mayors of France, which is being held on September 30, October 1 and 2, 2022 in Eymet (Dordogne), the AMRF is publishing unpublished figures on health in rural areas.

Rural Physician Shortage (AMRF)

The reality of medical desertification no longer needs to be demonstrated.

  • 10 million French live in a territory where access to care is of lower quality than the average for the country.
  • 6 million of them live more than 30 minutes from an emergency department.

Based on this alarming observation and the need to reorganize the health system around the strengthening of public services and medical proximity, the AMRF continues to document the issue of medical deserts in order to better provide solutions for the establishment of territorial equality of access to care.
A series of studies commissioned by the AMRF have shown that between the worsening gaps in life expectancy, the lower consumption of hospital care, the aging of health professionals or the drop in medical density, the territories rural areas appear to be the most affected.

The key numbers

  • 25 %. At the scale of the living areas (BV), rural areas represent 30% of the population, but only 25% of general practitioners (GPs).
  • 6. In rural BVs, 1 MG covers an average of 30 km² (against 5 km² in urban BVs). The reality of accessibility to medical presence is 6 times lower in rural areas than in towns.
  • 63 %. 2 out of 3 rural BVs (63%) lack MG (in the sense that they are below average).
  • 3388. In these deficit rural BVs, 3388 MG are missing to equalize the average. Mirroring this, there is a total of 2,266 excess MG (compared to the average) in the urban BVs.
  • 6000. Beyond the average, to aim for a desirable objective of 1 MG per 1000 inhabitants, more than 6000 MG are missing in the rural BVs.
  • 18%. If 31% of urban BVs reach this objective of 1 p.1000, only 18% of rural BVs are sufficiently endowed.
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AMRF Health Studies 2022 #1_BD.pdf