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After more than half a year, the curtains are finally up again for the cinemas! From July 1st you can see the latest films on the big screen again. You want cinema tickets for free? Then take part in the competition!

These films await you at the opening of the cinema:

From July 1st:

  • Godzilla vs. Kong: Where are the action lovers among you? You get your money’s worth in the legendary fight between Godzilla and King Kong. Finally see crass end-of-time action scenes again on a huge screen.
  • Conjuring 3: The third part “Under the Spell of the Devil” is a must for real horror fans. The story is again based on a true story. This time it’s not in a haunted house, but in court. The defendant claims that he only committed the murder because he was possessed by a demon.
  • Nomadland: Less action-packed, but no less dramatic. The film won three Academy Awards. Among other things, the one in the “best film” category. Widow Fern goes on a road trip after the death of her husband. She drives through the USA in her old bus, takes every job she gets and gets to know life anew.

More films in July:

  • Black Widow: A new movie from the Marvel Universe starts on July 8th. One thing is certain: it will be a great reunion! This time, the focus is on Scarlett Johansson as a Russian ex-agent.
  • Fast and Furious 9: On July 15th there will be new material for all car freaks! In the last few parts planes were already wrecked, tanks, trains, and also a submarine were with them. This time you will not be disappointed either, because this part works according to the tried and tested recipe: Vin Diesel and Co. drive lots of cars and other stuff to junk in a pretty spectacular way.

These corona rules apply in cinemas

  • You need a daily negative corona test or you have proof that you have been fully vaccinated (14 days ago) or have recovered (no longer than 6 months ago).
  • In the cinema you have to keep the minimum distance of 1.5m. This also applies to the seats. That is why the cinema seats will not all be occupied, so that there is enough space.
  • It is best to reserve seats before going to the cinema. In some cinemas, seats are allocated through seat instructions from the staff.
  • In the cinema you have to wear mouth and nose protection which you can only remove when you are sitting in your seat.
  • You also have to leave your contact details in the cinema.

Note: Before you go to the cinema, find out how the exact hygiene measures are implemented at the cinema of your choice.

You can find an overview of the applicable hygiene requirements for cinemas (Section 5, Section 42) decided by the state here.

Win cinema vouchers for Saarland!

We’ll send you to the cinema together with another person. Win two cinema vouchers! You are free to choose the cinema and film, and there are also snacks and drinks. Simply apply here and with a bit of luck the tickets will be yours:

Many Thanks! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you.

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Note: The tickets can be redeemed in all cinemas listed below up to and including December 20th, 2021. They will be sent by post. You can find more information in the terms and conditions of the competition.

You can redeem the vouchers in these cinemas:

  • Camera Zwo Saarbrücken,
  • Cinema eight and a half Saarbrücken,
  • Passage & UT cinemas Saarbrücken,
  • Filmhaus Saarbrücken,
  • Capitol Movie World Saarlouis,
  • Central Theater Nonnweiler,
  • Cinetower Neunkirchen,
  • City Film Studio Lebach,
  • Eden Cinehouse Homburg,
  • Gloria Schmelz,
  • Schmelzer plays of light,
  • New Regina St. Ingbert,
  • Kinowerkstatt St. Ingbert,
  • Lichtspiele Losheim,
  • Light plays Wadern,
  • New Theater St. Wendel,
  • Thalia Lichtspiele Bous,
  • Unifilm and Union Theater Illingen.

These films will hit theaters in 2021:

What’s going on in the cinema in 2021?

There weren’t many new films in 2020 because of the corona pandemic. Some film releases have been postponed to 2021. We’re checking what else to expect in the cinemas this year.

Article from 06/28/2021