Unusual – Disinfectant served instead of water during a competition, sends 3 high school girls to the hospital

Incident. Japanese authorities have promised an investigation after high school girls were given hand sanitizer instead of water to quench their thirst during a sports competition, and a participant fell ill while taking a sip, the newspaper reported. electronic 20minutes.fr.

Organizers of a 5,000-meter girls’ march last weekend in central Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture mistakenly poured disinfectant into cups placed at a drink distribution point for participants, the same said. source.

+ Sanitizer stored next to water bottles +

“The sanitizer had been stored in an unlabeled plastic bottle, in a cardboard box, next to drinking water bottles,” the Yamanashi High School Sports Federation said.

One contestant collapsed, vomited and gave up walking after drinking the sanitizer, while two others spat it out and continued, the same source said.

A total of three high school girls were taken to hospital for treatment and are believed to be on the mend, the same source adds.

Yamanashi Governor Kotaro Nagasaki on Monday promised an independent investigation into the matter. “On behalf of the department, I would like to sincerely apologize to the athlete and her family,” he said.