Thursday, June 20, 2019
Home News US President Trump loses trial for tax documents | TIME ONLINE

US President Trump loses trial for tax documents | TIME ONLINE

A US court has been in dispute over the disclosure of US President's financial records Donald Trump against the objections raised by his lawyers. Trump can not block a request for release of his documents by a committee of the House of Representatives, as Federal Judge Amit Mehta ruled on Monday in Washington. The US President criticized the verdict and announced immediate appeal.

It is the first time a federal court has ruled in the lawsuit. Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, filed suit to block the claim filed in April to its Mazars US tax accountants office. Judge Mehta now said the congressional committee had made it clear that the financial documents could be used for the legislative process and other core tasks of the Congress and that it was only a question of obtaining the papers.

Trump's lawyers accuse the Democrats, however, of wanting to harass the president. They were looking for material to use against Trump "now and in the 2020 election as a political lever," they argued. According to Judge Metha, it was not for Trump to decide whether there were political reasons behind the committee's actions. He also rejected the request to wait until publication of the documents until publication of the appeal.

Finance Committee also wants to see Trump's documents

The US Democrats are also trying to get hold of Trump's financial records by other means. The House Finance and Tax Committee had asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to present the tax returns of Trump and several of his companies over the past six years. Mnuchin refused the demand, however, also this dispute should end up in court.

In the recent history of United States It has always been common practice for US presidential candidates to publish their tax returns during the election campaign. Trump refuses, however, until today to make his finances public. His criticism fuels the suspicion that he has something to hide.



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